Latest Suits Episodes

S01 E07 – Episode 7 – Play The Man

Mike is pitted against one of Louis’ protégés in a mock trial. Harvey takes on an old rival and romantic interest. Rachel is a witness in the mock trial, and Mike accepts defeat in order to not hurt her.

S01 E06 – Episode 6 – Tricks of the Trade

Mike and Harvey work together to defend a woman, who they believe has been falsely accused of insider trading. Mike helps Rachel study for the LSAT, but he struggles to hide the fact that he used to take the LSAT for others.

S01 E05 – Episode 5 – Bail Out

Harvey must choose between closing a lucrative deal and helping his trusted driver defend against a lawsuit. Meanwhile, Trevor has given up dealing drugs and needs Mike to help him restart his life and escape his past.

S01 E04 – Episode 4 – Dirty Little Secrets

Harvey defends Jessica’s ex-husband from allegations that his ALS medication is causing serious side effects. Meanwhile, Mike is assigned his first solo case, and his secret is almost discovered.

S01 E03 – Episode 3 – Inside Track

When the new CEO of a motor company wants to move production overseas, Harvey and Mike try to find a loophole to oust him and persuade one of the company’s most loyal employees to take the job of CEO.