Latest Suits Episodes

S06 E08 – Episode 8 – Borrowed Time

S06 E07 – Episode 7 – Shake the Trees

S06 E06 – Episode 6 – Spain

Mike has a nightmare that Kevin killed Rachel in a drunk driving accident, making it hard for him to be around his cellmate much less find out what Kevin has on his father-in-law. Mike hopes Julius can help him get his head right so he can make good on his end of Cahill’s bargain, but the prison counselor won’t deal in quick fixes.

S06 E05 – Episode 5 – Trust

Louis and Donna work together to buy a house in the Hamptons after Louis lies and tells Messer that he has a house up there that needs remodelling. Louis is doing all this just to spend time with her, and Donna finds out that Louis won’t ask her out on a date because he is afraid of rejection.

S06 E04 – Episode 4 – Turn

Mike initially rejects Cahilll’s offer, but Harvey and Cahill manage to covertly get him out of prison for a few hours. Cahill believes this is to allow him to convince Mike when Harvey could not, but Harvey instead sends Mike to Rachel.