S06 E07 – Episode 7 – Shake the Trees

S6 episode 7 Aired on August 24, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Reality Sets In

Rachel’s idealistic notions keep getting whittled away as the realities of the Bailey case start to set in. First she’s shocked when Bailey lashes out after getting the news that his execution date has been set. The judge agrees to delay the execution by a week in order to give Rachel and Jessica time to track down Maria Gomes, but Rachel is further rattled when the father of one of the victims in the case shows up at the office and accuses her of using his child’s tragedy to make a name for herself. Meanwhile, Rachel must swallow her pride and ask for her father’s help in order have Maria Gomes’s records unsealed, but it only leads to more bad news when they learn that Maria has been dead for three years.

On the Clock

Cahill uses Sutter’s trading program to get the judge to deny Harvey’s motion to dismiss, but they aren’t out of the woods by a long shot. The judge has put the trial on the docket for five days from now, and Cahill still has no actual proof of wrongdoing. Harvey tells Sutter they need to interview his employees to find the rat who leaked information to the SEC, but he’s really just beating the bushes to find out anything he can about Sutter’s insider trading. However, Harvey gets a little too aggressive in his interviews and earns a reprimand from Sutter, who tells him to cut the shit and focus on his defense instead.

Pushing the Issue

Mike’s continued efforts to convince Kevin to turn on his father-in-law are complicated further when he learns that Sutter is dangling hush money in front of Kevin. Kevin asks Mike to leave it alone: he just wants to do his time, take his payout, start a new life with his wife and kids, and never look back. But Mike’s guilty conscience won’t allow him to do that and he goes behind Kevin’s back to speak to his wife, Jill, and tries to convince her to make a deal. Furious, Kevin tells Mike to back off — if he hears about him talking to his wife again without his blessing he’s going to beat the shit out of him.

A Break in the Case

Harvey asks Louis to go through Sutter’s old trades for any evidence of wrongdoing. Sure enough, with a little help from Donna and Stu (long story, let’s just say Donna did her Donna thing and brokered a peace), Louis is able to pinpoint Sutter’s insider, a banker named Phillip Allen. It turns out that Cahill is already one step ahead, though, because Allen just came to the SEC to cut a deal. Harvey worries that the SEC’s new star witness will make Mike expendable, but Cahill assures Harvey that Mike’s deal is still rock solid.

Romantic Troubles

Louis is freaking out about finding the perfect location for his upcoming second date with Tara, but Donna is tired of carrying his water: if he can’t handle something as simple as picking a place for dinner, maybe he can’t handle dating this woman. It’s okay, though, Donna comes through for him as she always does, only after revealing that she just broke up with the guy she’s been seeing. We feel for you, Donna! Later, Louis learns that his perfect new crush has her own baggage. Namely, a boyfriend who lives on the other side of the country for half the year. They have an open relationship, but Tara has never actually felt compelled to act on it until now. Not so perfect, but Louis still wants to give it a shot.

Loose Ends

Harvey goes to Mike to give him the good news about Phillip Allen — they’ve got this thing wrapped up, Mike is going to be getting out! The problem is, Mike can’t just turn his back on Kevin: he wants Harvey to push Cahill to accept a deal for Kevin and Jill as well. Meanwhile, Gallo sniffs out what Mike is up to with Kevin, and tells Mike that he’ll spill the beans if he and Harvey don’t make good on their promise to get him parole, and soon. To make matters worse, Cahill comes back to Harvey to tell him that the SEC is pulling Mike’s deal.
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Harvey, Louis and Donna search for a missing link to Sutter’s inside trading. Mike takes measures to get Kevin on his side. Rachel and Jessica deliver bad news.
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Season 6 – Episode 7
Shake the Trees
S06 E07
Production Code S607

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