S06 E03 – Episode 3 – Back On The Map

S6 Episode 3 Aired on July 27, 2016

Mike tries to stay safe to please Julius, his psychologist (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), but Kevin gets stabbed by Frank’s friends while Mike is at work. Sean Cahill informs Harvey that Frank cannot be moved as he is an informant. Harvey tells Mike, who then informs Frank that he’ll be eligible for parole in six weeks. Jessica forces Harvey to meet with William Sutter (Alan Rosenberg), a possible new client.

Harvey goes against Jessica’s orders and rejects him, as he doesn’t want to get involved in more shady business. Jessica tells Harvey that he must book another large client or they will end up taking Sutter. Harvey tries to sign Nathan Burns as a client instead, but Sutter buys shares from Burns’ company to threaten him with being kicked off the board. Louis searches for an office tenant and books an investment company. Louis clashes with Stu Buzzini (Ian Reed Kesler), the boss, as they both have strong personalities. However, to get information about Sutter buying Burns’ shares, Harvey makes a deal with Buzzini. Buzzini buys shares from Burns’ company for Harvey and, in exchange, he’ll lengthen and alter Buzzini’s lease to anger Louis. With Harvey’s shares, Burns regains control of his company and Pearson Specter Litt becomes legal counsel for his company.

In college, Rachel faces off against a fellow student in a debate and wins by finding dirt on her and blackmailing her to forfeit. At the end of the episode, Cahill reveals to Jessica and Harvey that Mike can get his sentence cut short if he gets Kevin to turn on his family and provide information about them in the court.
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Mike and his cellmate Kevin may have each other’s backs now, but Frank Gallo won’t just go away. Julius wants Mike to file a complaint against Gallo but Kevin warns Mike that the last guy to “rat” on a fellow inmate ended up in a coma. Things only get worse when Kevin takes a beating from three of Gallo’s goons while Mike is on kitchen duty. With no good options open to them Mike begs Julius to intervene, but without a formal allegation the prison counselor’s hands are simply tied.


Jessica wants Harvey to sign William Sutter, an infamous business magnate with an SEC indictment on the horizon. Harvey doesn’t want Sutter’s type of business and tells him to hit the bricks (even though they aren’t really in the position to be choosy). To make it up to Jessica Harvey courts Nathan Burns, an east coast energy tycoon whose business Harvey rebuffed in the past because of his bullying management style. Nathan agrees to sign with Harvey (and makes him jump through hoops to seal the deal) but the agreement falls apart when William Sutter buys a 5% stake in Nathan’s company and threatens to have him removed from his position. However, Harvey buys a 5% stake of his own and uses it to convince Nathan to hire him so they can fight Sutter together — classic Specter.


Louis is put in charge of finding a leasee for the PSL offices, but he doesn’t want strangers sullying his beloved bullpen. Donna offers her help but Louis goes ahead and signs a money management firm without her. Sure enough, it blows up in his face when the firm turns out to be a bunch of finance bros. When the head trader, Stu, throws out Louis’s prune juice to make room in the fridge for Red Bull, Louis uses the power of the fine print to evict the high-fiving thorns in his side. However, Harvey makes a deal with Stu to amend his lease in exchange for help on the William Sutter/Nathan Burns situation (and to stick it to Louis).


Rachel’s got law school issues. First, her opponent in an ethics class mock trial throws Mike in her face to score a few points. Then, her professor offers her a spot on an Innocence Project case. Problem is, Rachel can’t do the case and the class, and while she wants to take the position she also doesn’t want to be seen as backing down from a fight. Good thing she has someone in her corner who knows a thing or two about power and perception! After talking to Jessica, Rachel digs up some dirt on her classmate and threatens to expose her in front of the entire class unless she reads a specially prepared statement and forfeits the mock trial case. Now she looks like a bad ass AND she gets to take the Innocence Project position. Ice cold, girl. Ice cold.


Sean Cahill comes back to Harvey bearing bad news: turns out that Gallo can’t be moved because he’s a government informant. Now what? Harvey has a plan, but Mike will have to play it perfectly. Mike approaches Gallo with an offer: accept his help to exploit a loophole in the system and Gallo could get early parole; refuse, and Mike will tell Gallo’s cronies that their boss is a rat for the feds. Will Gallo choose possible freedom over his grudge against Harvey? Mike can only wait and see. Little does he know, though, that Sean Cahill has another piece of news for Harvey. It turns out that there may be a way to get Mike out early — but in order to do it, he’ll have to inform on Kevin. And as Harvey knows, Mike isn’t going to do that without a fight.
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Mike tries to remain safe without breaking Danbury’s unwritten rules. Jessica and Harvey try to land a whale. Louis searches for an office tenant. Rachel faces a fellow student.
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Season 6 – Episode 3
Back on the Map
S06 E03
Production Code S603

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