S06 E11 – She’s Gone

S06 E10 – Episode 10 – P.S.L

Harvey and Mike meet to celebrate Mike’s release and Harvey offers to bring Mike back to the firm as a consultant. In a flashback, Jessica sees her parents arguing and learns that her parents are separating because her mother feels that her father spends too much time with his work.

S06 E08 – Episode 8 – Borrowed Time

S06 E07 – Episode 7 – Shake the Trees

S06 E06 – Episode 6 – Spain

Mike has a nightmare that Kevin killed Rachel in a drunk driving accident, making it hard for him to be around his cellmate much less find out what Kevin has on his father-in-law. Mike hopes Julius can help him get his head right so he can make good on his end of Cahill’s bargain, but the prison counselor won’t deal in quick fixes.