S05 E11 – Episode 11 – Blowback

S5 Episode 11 Aired on January 27, 2016

Ruthless US Attorney Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope) takes Mike in for questioning, and refuses him access to a lawyer until he forces a taped statement regarding his denial of rights. A panicked Rachel calls her father Robert for support, inadvertently proving to him that Mike is a fraud, causing a rift between Robert and Rachel. Harvey, who wants to represent Mike, is torn between keeping Hardman and Soloff at bay and keeping appearances up against Gibbs at the firm.

Harvey leverages Mike’s resignation letter for bail, while Mike uses his ability to bring forth conspiracy charges to force Soloff to back down. Louis attempts to shield Donna from prosecution, but when she refuses to stand aside, Louis allows her and Harvey to reunite.
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Little time has elapsed since Mike Ross’ escort from Pearson Specter Litt for conspiracy to commit fraud. In fact, it has only been a couple of hours before we meet Assistant U.S. Attorney Anita Gibbs, a ruthless prosecutor who is determined to put Mike away for a very long time (66 years by his speedy calculations). Mike agrees to come clean as long as Gibbs promises to tape his confession — but as soon as the camera is rolling, he doesn’t confess; he gets it on record that he hasn’t been allowed to speak to his lawyer yet.


Gibbs has no choice but to allow Mike’s counsel to see his client, but in the first big twist of the episode, it’s not Harvey who walks through the door; it’s Robert Zane. Mike learns that Rachel has begged her father to come to Mike’s defense and Robert makes his strategy clear: Mike needs to sell out Harvey for his role in this so-called conspiracy in order to stand a chance against Gibbs. Mike refuses to roll on his mentor, so Robert leaves in a huff. Now it’s Harvey’s turn to step in.


Harvey’s defense is based on evidence, and — as far as Harvey’s concerned — the prosecutors don’t have anything. Mike has a transcript, he’s in the Harvard database, he’s a member of the bar, and he’s a practicing attorney. It’s going to be an uphill battle for anyone who’s trying to prove otherwise. Still, before it comes to that, Harvey tries for a deal by offering the prosecution a copy of Mike’s letter of resignation and the promise that Mike will never practice law again. Harvey enlists Donna to track down the letter in time for Mike’s bail hearing, but negotiations go sideways. Gibbs offers to waive Mike’s bail, but she also motions to remove Harvey from the case, accusing him of co-conspiring to commit fraud.


In jail, Mike encounters a terrifying cellmate, but it’s not enough to scare him into confessing. He recognizes the bully from a photo he saw in the hallway of the U.S. Attorney’s office. This guy’s no jailhouse nut-job; he’s federal marshal Ron Da’Mico and he’s hoping that Mike will confess just to get away from him. Nice try, bud. Mike’s super-memory saves the day again during the bail hearing when Gibbs motions to remove Harvey as Mike’s counsel. Mike tells the judge about the tape which reveals that Gibbs had prevented Mike from talking to his lawyer. When Gibbs denies that any such tape exists, Mike identifies the very camera that she used. (Someone needs to crochet a pillow with “RKZ986532” for Mike; it’s clearly his lucky number.)


Jessica has Jack Soloff trying to stage a coup at the firm and needs Louis to back her up. Instead, Louis offers to take over as managing partner. He claims it will take the target off Jessica’s back — which is not the help Jessica is looking for. Louis proves his mettle as a team player, however, by letting Donna go back to Harvey, and Jessica visits him at the mud bath to apologize. Louis admits that, while he wasn’t consciously out for Jessica’s job, he’s no Frodo; he can’t trust himself with that level of power. Delightfully, Jessica tells Louis that he’s, in fact, Samwise Gamgee. Who would have guessed that she read Lord of the Rings four times?


Harvey has a serious dilemma: he needs to work on Mike’s case, but he has already resigned from the firm in order to appease one of its biggest adversaries: Charlie Forstman. Knowing that Jack Soloff will tip off Forstman if Harvey steps into the office, Mike backs Soloff into a corner. He warns Soloff that he’ll be implicated in the fraud case if he rats on Harvey. Meanwhile, Harvey can’t bring his assistant Gretchen into the fold, but he can bring in Donna. Much to his surprise, Harvey walks into his living room to find Donna sitting on his sofa. She offers to help him with Mike’s case — with Louis’ blessing. It will be business as usual tomorrow at Pearson Specter Litt when Donna returns to the office of Harvey Specter.
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Mike’s worst fears have come true. He’s been arrested for fraud and is under investigation by a ruthless government prosecutor, Assistant US Attorney Anita Gibbs. Meanwhile, Jessica and Harvey must figure out how to build a defense for Mike, knowing full well that he’s guilty of the crime for which he stands accused. And Rachel must come to terms with her family’s reaction to the news that her fiancé is not the person he claimed to be – and that he could soon be in prison.
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Season 5 – Episode 11
S05 E11
Production Code S511

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