S05 E03 – Episode 3 – No Refills

S5 episode 3 Aired on July 8, 2015

Harvey attempts to bury the hatchet with Jack Soloff at Jessica’s behest, but when Jack throws Harvey’s overtures of friendship back in his face, Harvey decides to poach one of the power-hungry partner’s clients to teach him his place.

Elsewhere, Mike begins working on the Kelton Insurance case with Robert Zane, and while Jessica instructs Robert to treat Mike as a full partner, it soon becomes clear that Robert has no intention of treating his future son-in-law as anything other than an associate.

At the same time, Louis attempts to make amends to Donna and extricate himself from the conflict between Harvey and Jack Soloff.

Meanwhile, when Jack wants Jessica to intervene on his behalf in his escalating war with Harvey, Jessica makes it clear whose side she is on. But Soloff isn’t one to back down from a challenge, and with Harvey in a compromised emotional state and Jack’s influence on the rise among the partners, this may be one fight that Harvey and Jessica can’t afford to pick.
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Harvey brings some star power to his ongoing conflict with Jack Soloff – a conflict that Louis and Donna can’t seem to stay clear of. Mike brings in Robert Zane to co-counsel a case, pitting his instincts as a lawyer against his desire to stay in his future father-in-law’s good graces. And while Jessica mediates between Mike and Zane, she tasks Rachel with an unusual assignment.
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Season 5 – Episode 3
No Refills
S05 E03
Production Code S503

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