S05 E11 – Episode 11 – Blowback

Ruthless US Attorney Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope) takes Mike in for questioning, and refuses him access to a lawyer until he forces a taped statement regarding his denial of rights. A panicked Rachel calls her father Robert for support, inadvertently proving to him that Mike is a fraud, causing a rift between Robert and Rachel.

S05 E10 – Episode 10 – Faith

With Forstman’s promise hanging over his head, Harvey clears his day for an emergency meeting with Dr. Agard. While Harvey fears that his resignation will cause the House of Pearson Specter Litt to crumble, it’s an episode from his past that Dr. Agard is more interested in: the time that Harvey chose to reveal his mother’s infidelity to his father.

S05 E09 – Episode 9 – Uninvited Guests

Harvey manages do narrowly dodge a suspension with a split vote, but the partners are soon blindsided by an even bigger threat waiting in the wings: Daniel Hardman. With Jack Soloff in his pocket and a billion-dollar client paying his bills, the former name partner finally makes his play to get his foot back in the door.

S05 E08 – Episode 8 – Mea Culpa

In the wake of Harvey and Louis’s devastating fight, Donna and Jessica step in to diffuse the tension. While Donna tries to talk Louis down from a lawsuit, Jessica orders Harvey to take two weeks vacation. But with Louis furious and Harvey unrepentant, there may be no cooling the situation.

S05 E07 – Episode 7 – Hitting Home

It seems the worm has turned when Jack Soloff comes to Mike looking to make amends with a case perfectly suited to the young associate’s hedge fund background. Of course, Mike is less than eager to work with the man who so recently stabbed both him and Louis in the back on the Fletcher Engines deal.