S05 E16 – Episode 16 – 25th Hour

Mike and Gibbs finalize their deal, and Mike stipulates that Gibbs add a provision that she can’t renegotiate with Harvey — he doesn’t want Gibbs using their deal as leverage for another deal down the road. As for Harvey, he arrives too late, but he’s not yet ready to throw in the towel and he tries to convince the judge to nullify the deal.

S05 E15 – Episode 15 – Tick Tock

The jury comes back but, before the outcome is announced, Mike decides to take up Anita Gibbs on one of her deals. Which one is not mentioned, but Harvey is shown racing to Gibbs’ office to try and stop Mike.

S05 E14 – Episode 14 – Self Defense

Harvey gets Mike to agree to a mock trial to determine who will take lead on Mike’s defense against Anita Gibbs, and both men come out swinging. With so much at stake, they bend the rules to gain an advantage, but things get personal when Harvey manages gets Rachel on the stand and asks some questions that cut to the bone.

S05 E13 – Episode 13 – God’s Green Earth

Anita Gibbs lures Rachel into a conversation by making everything said during their meeting inadmissible, then threatens Rachel’s dreams of a law career unless she turns on the firm. Harvey, after confronting Gibbs about talking to Rachel, hears Gibbs say “God’s green earth,” thereby deducing that she wrote the New York Journal op-ed that greatly hurt the Pearson Specter Litt reputation.

S05 E12 – Episode 12 – Live To Fight…

Mike and Louis discover that it was Sheila Sazs who reported Mike to the authorities after Louis recognises the wording and language in the anonymous email (sent from a general Harvard Faculty address) as hers. He pays her a visit at her home and asks Sheila to retract her email.