S04 E12 – Episode 12 – Respect

S4 Episode 12 Aired on February 4, 2015

Louis’s ascension through the ranks may be complete, but Jessica still needs him to back the story she fed Jeff Malone about how Litt came to be placed on the wall next to Pearson and Specter. And while Louis may be a name partner, it’s far from clear that he’s ready to be a team player.

At the same time, Harvey gets a visit from one of the last people he’d expect: Professor Henry Gerard. It seems Harvey’s old Ethics professor has been accused of taking a bribe, and he wants Harvey to prove his innocence. At first, Harvey claims to want nothing to do with whatever shady business Gerard has gotten himself into, but it soon becomes clear that there is more to Gerard’s story, and Harvey’s feelings about his old professor, than meets the eye.

Meanwhile, in exchange for promising to go along with Jessica’s story, Louis is allowed to take one of Harvey’s clients for himself. But when Louis blows it with his new client by letting his worst impulses get the better of him, Jessica worries that Louis may go back on his word.
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Harvard ethics professor Henry Gerard seeks Harvey’s help with a case that requires a lack of ethics to win. Mike, meanwhile, does his best to not be spotted by the professor, whose class he never took; and Louis tries to wine and dine a socialite CEO.
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Season 4 – Episode 12
S04 E12
Production Code S412

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