S04 E16 – Episode 16 – Not Just A Pretty Face

Harvey may have thought he was done with the SEC, but the SEC isn’t done with him. It seems that even though he served up Eric Woodall and Charles Forstman on a silver platter, Sean Cahill hasn’t been able to find the money that proves their illicit partnership.

S04 E15 – Episode 15 – Intent

Mike and Joe Henderson proudly toast the success of the impending settlement, unaware that the sands of the case are shifting beneath their feet. But with Donna in the hot seat, Harvey tells Mike that there will be no settlement; they’re going to do whatever they have to do in order to get Donna off before the D.A. gets involved.

S04 E14 – Episode 14 – Derailed

An unexpected call from Professor Henry Gerard soon leads Mike to a former Liberty Rail employee with a story about faulty sensors in connection to the recent train crash. Firm policy dictates they avoid whistleblower cases for fear of alienating their corporate clients, but Mike’s fervent plea on behalf of the innocent victims of the crash convinces Harvey to make an exception.

S04 E13 – Episode 13 – Fork In The Road

As the waves begin to settle in the wake of Louis’s power move, Jessica asks Harvey to make peace with Louis. But as Harvey points out, Louis isn’t going to make peace until he can forgive Mike, and finding a way to make him do that won’t be easy.

S04 E12 – Episode 12 – Respect

Louis’s ascension through the ranks may be complete, but Jessica still needs him to back the story she fed Jeff Malone about how Litt came to be placed on the wall next to Pearson and Specter. And while Louis may be a name partner, it’s far from clear that he’s ready to be a team player.