S03 E15 – Episode 15 – Know When To Fold ‘Em

S3 Episode 15 Aired on April 3, 2014

A heartbroken Louis calls in sick and instructs Katrina to cover for him. Harvey and Scottie appear to patch things up over the incident with Louis’ case. A man named James Quelling comes up with a “bullshit claim” against Marathon Footwear, a Pearson Specter client that is supposed to go public in a week. Meanwhile Mike tells Rachel about the job offer he got from Jonathan, but doesn’t tell Harvey yet

While negotiating with Quelling, Harvey learns of his gambling habit. He later beats Quelling in a high-stakes poker game, and tells his opponent he’ll leave him his winnings if he agrees to drop the case. Mike informs Harvey about Jonathan’s offer, and is concerned when Harvey calmly tells him he should take the job. But Harvey is actually very worked up, causing him to snap at Scottie. Quelling returns the next day after discovering the agreement Mike made with Harold to pay off witnesses in the Hessington case, and he plans to take it to the New York Bar Association the next day (which would expose Mike) unless Harvey settles for the higher amount.

Charles Van Dyke, Jessica’s former name partner, appears out of the blue, making claims that his dividend check should be higher and suspecting fraud in Pearson Specter’s books. Jessica asks for Louis’ assistance, but Katrina wants to respect Louis’ wishes that she cover for him. She tries to resolve the issue with the help of Rachel. Van Dyke sees through the comeback attempt designed by Katrina and Rachel, and makes a move to strongarm Jessica. Jessica fires Katrina, but after Rachel explains the situation, Jessica appeals to Louis to help her fight Van Dyke. Mike tells Harvey he plans to leave Pearson Specter.

Harvey tells Donna he wants to tell Scottie about Mike because her anger over him keeping secrets is eating him up inside. But Donna convinces Harvey that Scottie will always be angry about something. Mike returns to Harvey’s office saying he has paid his hacker to make him a member of the Bar, and he now wants to stay.
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Harvey is caught off guard when an aggressive attorney comes at him with a bogus lawsuit designed to drag a Pearson Specter client through the mud on the eve of their big IPO. Realizing his adversary is using the suit to dig himself out of a mountain of gambling debt, Harvey takes the fight to the card table. But while Harvey may be an expert when it comes to poker, he’s going up against a man with nothing left to lose, and his opponent’s desperate tactics may open a door that will threaten both Harvey and Mike’s futures.

At the same time, Mike wrestles with his feelings over the job offer from Jonathan Sidwell, while Jessica gets a visit from a former partner who sees Pearson Specter’s recent success as a chance to squeeze more money out of the firm. With Louis nursing a broken heart, Katrina must be the one to protect the firm’s books while covering for her lovelorn mentor.
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A persistent attorney goes after one of Harvey’s clients; Mike is faced with a difficult decision; former name partner Charles Van Dyke returns with revenge on his mind.
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Season 3 – Episode 15
Know When To Fold ‘Em
S03 E15
Production Code S315

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