S03 E14 – Episode 14 – Heartburn

S3 Episode 14 Aired on March 27, 2014

Louis suffers a heart attack in court. After recovering, he asks Sheila to marry him and she accepts. But when discussing their lives after marriage, the two find they want different things. After a meeting with Mike and Harvey, a Tony Gianapolis employee named Jonathan (Louis’ client from earlier in the season) approaches Mike saying he wants out of Tony’s company and plans to take his investment banking algorithm with him.

Mike offers Jonathan off-the-books advice on how to get out of what appears to be an ironclad non-compete agreement, which gets him in hot water with Harvey because Gianapolis is Harvey’s client. Mike also discusses with Harvey his desire to go to law school and be legit, but Harvey says the only way that could work is if Mike attends law school away from the big cities and hangs up his shingle in a small town — essentially knocking Mike out of “the big leagues”.

Jonathan gets out of his agreement with Tony and, impressed with Mike’s intelligence, offers him a job that does not involve Mike being a lawyer. Meanwhile, Rachel tries to get Jessica to honor a verbal agreement Louis previously made that included then-Pearson Hardman paying Rachel’s law school tuition.
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The members of Pearson Specter are rocked when Louis suffers a heart attack during the closing arguments of his latest case. Faced with his own mortality, the irascible attorney has a moment of clarity and pops the question to Sheila, who happily accepts. But while the big picture is snapping into focus for Louis, the little details may still trip him up.

At the same time, the long road through law school gets a lot rockier when Rachel learns that Louis’s promise to pick up the bill may have been a lot of hot air.

Meanwhile, Harvey and Mike promise to cover for Louis while he recuperates, which means they must handle a bit of unpleasant business for corporate raider Tony Giannopoulos. When Giannopoulos’s number two asks Mike to help him find a way around the noncompete that is binding him to his dead end job, Mike must finally confront his feelings about his own glass ceiling.
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A major client demands that Harvey and Mike perform an unpleasant task; Louis faces a difficult challenge; Rachel collects an old debt.
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Season 3 – Episode 14
S03 E14
Production Code S314

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