S03 E13 – Moot Point

S3 Episode 13 Aired on March 20, 2014

As a gift to Harvey for helping him with Louis, Mike asks him to first chair a case because the opposing counsel, A. Elliot Stemple, is someone Harvey has never been able to beat. Stemple hints that he will be able to fix the case, and later confides in Harvey that he did the same in the two previous cases he won. But this is a ruse to get Harvey and Mike to bring evidence that works in favor of Stemple’s client.

ike is able to find other evidence that turns the tables on Stemple and gets him to settle. Mike’s celebration is short-lived, however, when Jessica says New York Law Review magazine wants to interview the man responsible for making a Fortune 500 company publicly admit wrongdoing, and she says Mike’s name must be removed from the case to avoid publicity that might lead to interrogation of his status. Thus, Mike is reminded that his career will always be working in the background. Elsewhere, Scottie manipulates Jessica into giving her a case that belonged to Louis, causing a rivalry between them. Louis and Katrina are unsuccessful in trying to gain the case back, and Louis fears his standing at the firm will be affected by the appearance that Scottie was able to bully him. Ultimately feeling he is left without recourse, he goes to Harvey to cash in the favor and get Scottie to give his case back.

Harvey broaches the topic with Scottie, initially framing it as a genial request, which she rebuffs. Scottie correctly guesses that it has something to do with the favor Louis did for Harvey; she demands Harvey disclose what the favor was in exchange for her cooperation. Harvey is forced to refuse, invoking his seniority and implicitly making clear that her compliance is not up for discussion. The two realize that there are times when Harvey will have to speak to Scottie as a named partner, rather than as a boyfriend.
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With his secret seemingly safe once again, Mike looks for a way to show his appreciation to Harvey. The question is, what do you get for the man who has everything? How about a case against A. Elliot Stemple, the man who beat Harvey three times in moot court back in their Harvard days and has been ducking him ever since. Mike manages to fix it so that Stemple can’t weasel out of another face to face with his old college adversary. But while Stemple may not look like much, the diminutive attorney proves more formidable than he first appears, and Harvey and Mike soon find themselves on the ropes as Stemple winds up for a knockout.

Meanwhile, Harvey tries to keep himself out of it when Scotty encroaches on one of Louis’s clients. But as things get heated between the two senior partners, Harvey learns that his personal and professional lives are too closely linked to have it both ways.
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Harvey faces an old rival from law school; Jessica tries to stay out of Louis and Scottie’s feud.
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Season 3 – Episode 13
Moot Point
S03 E13
Production Code S313

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