S03 E07 – Episode 7 – She’s Mine

S3 Episode 7 Aired on August 27, 2013

Ava’s defense is now in disarray in part because she concealed a phone call from Colonel Moriga, who is now available for questioning and maintains that Ava paid him for the murders. Jessica takes charge of the case and (against Harvey’s advice) pursues the theory that Nick gave the fatal orders. Mike visits Cameron in his office, ostensibly to pursue a plea deal but actually to memorize documents to find out what Cameron has on Nick.

Stephen continues to meddle in the case, and after Donna determines from the copier counter that he hid seven pages of Moriga’s testimony, she breaks off their arrangement. Mike determines that Stephen was on a rugby team with the Colonel 20 years ago and personally paid him the bribe money while giving the orders for murders, without the knowledge of either Ava or Nick. Harvey beats up Stephen in the men’s room. Meanwhile, Louis is reluctant to return his feline house guest to Nigel, who has returned early from Hong Kong. He challenges Nigel for custody of the cat in a mock trial before the associates, with Rachel as his “attorney”.

Nigel has a trick up his sleeve, bringing Harold to the mock trial to testify against Louis, but it backfires, resulting in Louis being awarded custody. On Rachel’s urging, Louis accepts Nigel’s offer to return supervision of the associates to Louis in exchange for the cat. A grateful Louis then informs Rachel that she has been admitted to Columbia Law School.
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Personal and professional waters are further muddied when Harvey interrupts Stephen’s date with Donna to confront him about leading Cameron straight to Colonel Mariga. Meanwhile, having recently learned of Harvey’s deal with Darby, Jessica must put her own conflicted feelings aside so that she can help clean up the mess Stephen created. But when Colonel Mariga reveals that Ava has kept important information from them, Jessica’s anger begins to bubble to the surface.

Elsewhere, Nigel returns from his trip, but when Louis decides he isn’t ready to part with Mikado he sues Nigel for ownership of the prized feline and drafts Rachel to represent him in a mock trial.

At the same time, when Jessica concocts a plan to lay the murder charges at the feet of Ava Hessington’s number 2, Nick Howell, Mike worries that the managing partner may be letting her anger over Harvey’s betrayal affect her judgment. However, a visit to Cameron’s office soon turns up evidence that Nick may have had more of a hand in affairs than they had previously thought. But little do they realize that the evidence in fact points to a much deeper betrayal…
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Harvey clashes with Stephen over Ava’s case, among other issues. Meanwhile, things are still tense between Harvey and Jessica as they strategize how best to defend Ava. And Louis enlists Rachel in his battle with Nigel over a broken contract… and heart.
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Season 3 – Episode 7
She’s Mine
S03 E7
Production Code S307

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