S03 E16 – Episode 16 – No Way Out

The house of cards Harvey and Mike have built may finally come tumbling down when Mike is taken in for questioning by US Attorney Eric Woodall. It seems that Woodall has got wind of the Hessington settlement, and the tenacious attorney smells blood.

S03 E15 – Episode 15 – Know When To Fold ‘Em

A heartbroken Louis calls in sick and instructs Katrina to cover for him. Harvey and Scottie appear to patch things up over the incident with Louis’ case. A man named James Quelling comes up with a “bullshit claim” against Marathon Footwear, a Pearson Specter client that is supposed to go public in a week.

S03 E14 – Episode 14 – Heartburn

Louis suffers a heart attack in court. After recovering, he asks Sheila to marry him and she accepts. But when discussing their lives after marriage, the two find they want different things. After a meeting with Mike and Harvey, a Tony Gianapolis employee named Jonathan approaches Mike saying he wants out of Tony’s company and plans to take his investment banking algorithm with him.

S03 E13 – Moot Point

As a gift to Harvey for helping him with Louis, Mike asks him to first chair a case because the opposing counsel, A. Elliot Stemple, is someone Harvey has never been able to beat. Stemple hints that he will be able to fix the case, and later confides in Harvey that he did the same in the two previous cases he won.

S03 E12 – Episode 12 – Yesterday’s Gone

Mike confesses to Louis that he falsified one A+ in Professor Gerard’s Legal Ethics class, rather than telling Louis about his entire fabricated Harvard career. Louis invites Gerard (Stephen Macht) to give a lecture and says that he will expose Mike unless Mike confesses and apologizes to the professor.