S02 E09 – Episode 9 – The Hand That Feeds You

S6 episode 9 Aired on September 7, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Not Out of the Woods

Kevin demands that Mike intervene when he learns that the SEC is seizing all of his wife’s assets. Mike tries to reason with Cahill, but the Federal Prosecutor will be damned if Jill Miller gets to live the good life while the victims of the crimes she helped commit suffer. Mike decides to go another route and threatens to sue Cahill for abuse of power if he doesn’t cut a deal to let Kevin out of prison too, but Cahill flips it on Mike and threatens to pull his deal unless he drops the suit. Looks like you’re not done with prison yet, Mike!

Committing to the Cause

Rachel and Jessica work together and use an obscure precedent to get Leonard Bailey’s case reopened, but they end up butting heads when Rachel tells Bailey to roll the dice at trial and fight for exoneration instead of taking a deal to get out of prison in seven years. It turns out that Jessica once worked a case just like this that wound up breaking bad for the defendant, and she doesn’t want to see Leonard die for a crime he didn’t commit. But as Rachel points out, if Leonard can’t get his name cleared then what good would his life be? In the end, Jessica decides to fight with them, and in a show of solidarity convinces Leonard’s estranged daughter to come visit him.

Will Harvey Sell His Soul?

With Gallo’s parole hearing quickly approaching and Mike still in harm’s way, Harvey has little choice but to continue working towards getting a murderer out of prison. But when Cameron Dennis shows up and does everything in his power to keep Gallo behind bars, it looks as if Harvey will have to perjure himself to make good on that promise. It’s only when Mike cuts a deal with Cameron to get Kevin released and reveals Gallo’s blackmail to the parole board that Gallo’s chances are finally dashed. But while Harvey may be off the hook, Mike still has a few hours left in prison and you can bet Gallo is itching for revenge.

Love on the Line

Tara’s boyfriend Joshua is in town and it’s all Louis can think about, so Donna proposes he distract himself with the type of busy work he hates: reconciling billings. But when he finishes in record time, Donna must talk him down and tell him to trust Tara instead of doing something stupid. Eventually Tara comes to the office to tell Louis that Joshua proposed to her — and she declined! Louis is the one she wants to be with.

Finally Free

Mike and Kevin make final preparations for their departure, but the guard soon arrives to tell them he only has orders to take Kevin; Mike isn’t going anywhere. What’s going on? Harvey thinks Cahill pulled Mike’s deal, but it turns out that Mike asked Cahill to hold off on the paperwork for one more day so he can execute a final plan. Later that night, Gallo comes for Mike and pulls a knife. With the other inmates locked in their bunks and the nearest guard on the take, Gallo thinks revenge is his. But it turns out that Mike hid a camera in his cell. Mike set him up! Later, Harvey arrives to tell Gallo that unless he wants to be branded a rat and sent back to maximum-security prison, he’ll do his remaining time and never think about Mike again. Now Mike can truly leave a free man, with nothing hanging over his head.
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In order to protect Mike, Harvey considers putting Gallo back on the streets; Jessica and Rachel get Bailey’s case re-opened; Louis deals with anxiety over Tara.
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Season 6 – Episode 9
The Hand That Feeds You
S06 E09
Production Code S609

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