S02 E09 – Episode 9 – The Hand That Feeds You

S02 E16 – Episode 16 – War

A British firm headed by Edward Darby decides to sneak in with a tempting offer for Jessica’s firm, clashing with Harvey’s plans for the future and Jessica’s own vision, and leaving them both to make up their minds on what direction to take with their careers.

S02 E15 – Episode 15 – Normandy

Battling too many cases on depleted resources, Pearson Hardman takes an “all in” approach on one location, while mulling over a deal to merge with a British firm that employs one of Harvey’s old flames, Dana “Scottie” Scott. Mike develops a less than desirable working relationship with Katrina. Meanwhile, Rachel finds out she was not accepted at Harvard.

S02 E14 – Episode 14 – He’s Back

Daniel Hardman returns, bringing a sexual harassment lawsuit against Pearson Hardman on behalf of a former employee. Harvey and Jessica are tactically limited because of a non-disclosure agreement that Jessica signed when Hardman left. Mike attempts to convince the former employee to settle so that the firm can focus on the Folsom Foods litigation.

S02 E13 – Episode 13 – Zane vs. Zane

A settlement that Harvey negotiated is in jeopardy of falling apart, as high-profile lawyer Robert Zane steps in as opposing counsel and drastically reduces the settlement offer. Robert Zane is Rachel’s father, and Harvey attempts to gain leverage from Rachel and Robert’s contentious relationship by adding Rachel to the case as a paralegal.