S07 E04 – Divide and Conquer

S7 Episode 4 Aired on August 2, 2017

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

A familiar enemy is trying to take the firm down, but is PSL too divided to stand against this threat? Check out our recap for the blow-by-blow on Suits episode 704, “Divide and Conquer.”

A House Divided

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) turns to Jessica (Gina Torres) for advice on how to get his team back on his side, but it turns out that Mike (Patrick J. Adams), Louis (Rick Hoffman) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) aren’t the only ones angry with the PSL managing partner’s recent moves — Tommy Bratton (of Bratton Gould) is furious with Harvey for stealing Alex (Dulé Hill) and his rich client list, and he retaliates by trying to poach one of Louis’s clients while suing one of Harvey’s. It’s a classic divide and conquer strategy, and it works, because the situation has Louis royally pissed and in no mood for teamwork.

Rachel And Donna Have Doubts

Rachel (Meghan Markle) decides to move the wedding back to The Plaza now that Mike is a legitimate lawyer, but when work puts their planning on the back burner once again she starts to question whether they will ever find the time. Meanwhile, Donna searches for the leak that gave Bratton Gould a map to PSL’s weaknesses and begins to question her own fitness for her new position.

PSL Under Siege

The PSL team set aside their differences and fend off Bratton Gould’s attack, but Tommy Bratton makes it clear that this was just the opening salvo; if Harvey doesn’t return Alex’s clients, he’s going to put PSL in the ground. And with no way for PSL to match Bratton Gould’s superior resources and manpower, he just may be right.

Mike Makes A Decision

Mike made a promise to stay out of the Reyes case, but he can’t help himself when Oliver comes to him for advice, and his idea soon nets them a big fat settlement check. Problem is, the settlement offer is too good to be true. Mike realizes the prison management company must be hiding something, and it doesn’t take long for Oliver to dig up enough new dirt to build a serious class action suit. But Mike is still hesitant to get involved. However, when Nathan refuses to give Oliver the resources to properly work the case, Mike decides to help Oliver — even if it means going back on his promise to Harvey.

Alex Saves The Firm

With the fate of the firm hanging in the balance, Alex tells Harvey he has a move up his sleeve — he just can’t tell him what it is. It turns out that some piece of dirt from the past is hanging over both Alex and Tommy Bratton’s heads, and Alex is willing to say Tom had nothing to do with it, as long as Tom agrees drop his war with PSL and promise not to go after their clients for ten years. They sign an agreement, and just like that the war is over. Looks like Alex really is part of PSL now!

The Leak Revealed

Harvey is not happy when he realizes the source behind the leak to Tommy Bratton is none other than Jessica. Jessica claims that she was doing it for Harvey’s own good: nothing unites people like a common enemy, and she gave them one. Harvey recognizes that her plan did work, but he sure as hell doesn’t like the way his former partner went about her business.
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Harvey, Louis and Donna must get on the same page – and fast – when Bratton Gould comes after PSL for poaching an attorney. Mike and Rachel struggle to make time for their wedding plans.
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Rachel’s father questions if she and Mike can make time for the wedding and a marriage, as they both are busy with their careers. As Louis finds it difficult to get over Tara, Donna tries to manage the situation. Harvey meets Jessica for help with the fiasco at work and Mike finds it difficult not to help Oliver after signing the agreement to stay away from the prison case. While Louis and Alex get on better terms, Bratton Gould is trying to poach PSL clients, as someone seems to be leaking inside information.

As a solution, Harvey tries to convince Zane to agree to a fake merger. Alex proves himself to be loyal to PSL and puts himself at risk to stop Tommy Bratton from coming after PSL clients. Mike and Rachel finally decide to set a date for their wedding, but set it far enough in the future to avoid stress. Harvey learns it was Jessica who leaked the information and he understands that she did so to unite PSL in a time of crisis. Rachel and her father have a heart to heart conversation for the first time in a long while.
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