S07 E01 – Skin in the Game

S7 Episode 1 Aired on July 12, 2017

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

It’s season seven, and with Mike back at the firm, Harvey planning to step up to managing partner, Louis reeling from his breakup with Tara, and Donna looking for something more, big things are in store for the members of PSL — as long as they can find the courage to move forward. Check out our guide to the season seven premiere, “Skin In The Game.”

Harvey Has the Hots for Dr. Agard

Harvey asks his former therapist, Dr. Paula Agard, out on a date, and though she’s rightfully wary (because, ethics), she agrees to give it a shot. However, Harvey is distracted by business on date night, and when she learns that he hasn’t actually stepped into the managing partner position (as he had claimed earlier), she begins to think he isn’t ready to step up to a relationship, either.

Donna Gets Her Seat at the Table

Donna wants Harvey to make her a senior partner in recognition of all she has given to the firm, but Harvey can’t commit to addressing the issue when he won’t even commit to telling Louis that he is officially taking the reins as managing partner. It’s only when Louis’s behavior with the associates goes off the rails that Donna forces Harvey’s hand, making him give her the authority to rein in their loose cannon before it’s too late. Way to get yours, Red!

Louis Goes Ballistic

Louis’s heartache over Tara causes him to come down on the associates like never before. Rachel thinks she should temporarily take over the associates before the firm gets slapped with a lawsuit, but try telling that to Louis. Of course he refuses, and has some pretty nasty things to say to Donna and Rachel for daring to steal away his associates, but he eventually comes around and puts Rachel in charge. We know you’re hurting, but it’s for the best, Louis!

Harvey Gets Pushed Around

Harvey and Mike team up to help a pushy client who wants to sell his vodka business in a hurry, and is being cagey about his reasons for the rush. The case should be one last hurrah before Harvey officially steps up to managing partner, but the fun abruptly comes to a halt when Mike learns their client is trying to unload his company so quickly because he’s about to get sued by a competitor. Furious, Mike demands Harvey stop the sale before the firm gets dragged through the mud, but the client knows P.S.L. is still shaky since Jessica’s departure and he bullies Harvey into letting the sale go through. Hey, since when does Harvey let his clients push him around.

Mike Says Goodbye to the Clinic

Mike tenders his resignation at the clinic, and while Nathan isn’t pleased to hear that Mike is headed back to the corporate world, the check for half a million dollars that Mike hands him definitely softens the blow. Oliver isn’t swayed by the money, though, and he shows up at the P.S.L. offices to call Mike out.

Harvey Mans Up

Furious that Harvey let the sale go through, Mike confronts Harvey, who admits that he’s still afraid to fill Jessica’s shoes. Mike tells Harvey that he doesn’t need to be Jessica; he just needs to be the old Harvey, or the firm won’t be around much longer. It’s the kick in the pants that Harvey needs to finally step up and take charge. Harvey lays down the law with his client, then makes his managing partner status official at the office. Last but not least, he drives to Dr. Agard’s house, takes her in his arms, and plants one on her. Harvey Specter is back!
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Mike returns to Pearson Specter Litt as Harvey takes the reins. Louis manages the new class of associates, while Donna and Rachel find their places in the new world order.
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Following his breakup with Tara, Louis starts terrorizing the associates. His behavior raises red flags with Rachel, Donna, and Gretchen. Donna has figured out that what she wants is a seat at the table as a senior partner. She uses the situation with Louis to prove to Harvey that she deserves it after all these years of being a key person in running the firm without getting credit. Harvey agrees to name her senior partner, but has to tiptoe around telling Louis. As Rachel convinces Louis that he needs closure with Tara, he allows Rachel, now a lawyer in her own right, to step up and take over the associates from him.

Meanwhile, Mike and Harvey team up again to prove to one of Jessica’s clients that the firm can handle his case now that Jessica is gone. Harvey has a hard time filling Jessica’s shoes and pursues a romantic relationship with his former therapist, Dr. Paula Agard. Mike gives the legal clinic half a million dollars, but his returning to PSL doesn’t sit well with his former colleagues, especially Oliver.
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