S06 E16 – Character and Fitness

S6 episode 16 Aired on March 1, 2017

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

It’s all come to this! The reappearance of Anita Gibbs throws the outcome of Mike’s hearing into doubt and Harvey wrestles the fact that he may be powerless to do anything. Meanwhile, Louis and Donna deal with broken hearts and broken dreams. Check out our guide to the riveting Suits season six finale, “Character and Fitness.”
Anita Gibbs Returns

Mike knows there will be a hitch in his Character and Fitness hearing, but he doesn’t expect it to be Anita Gibbs, who has secured a seat on the committee and vowed to stop Mike from becoming a lawyer. The vengeful US Attorney comes out guns blazing at the hearing, leading Mike to worry that having Craig Seidel in his corner may not be enough to stop Gibbs from swaying her fellow committee members against him. Luckily, Mike is able to convince his prison counselor Julius to appear as a character witness and help level the playing field. Meanwhile, Harvey searches for dirt on the man Gibbs replaced on the committee, Walter Samson, in the hopes that they might be able to get her removed before she does any lasting damage to Mike’s chances.
Mike Ross’s Confession

First Mike comes clean to Oliver, who is furious that Mike went back on his word and leveraged the Velocity suit into a shot at the bar. Later, Mike approaches his prison counselor Julius and asks him to appear at his hearing. However, Julius only agrees after Mike tells him the whole truth of how he got a hearing in the first place (and good thing he did, because Julius’s speech to the committee goes a long way to undoing the damage that Gibbs has done). Finally, Mike makes good on his word and comes clean to Nathan, who immediately fires him. But surprisingly, Oliver comes to Mike’s defense, causing Nathan to relent. Seems like the truth set Mike free, no matter which way the hearing goes.
Harvey Specter’s Moment of Doubt

Try as he might, Harvey just can’t dig anything up on Walter Samson. In a moment of despair, Harvey approaches Gibbs to see if he can sway her, but it’s Gibbs who holds all the cards and nearly gets Harvey to agree to admit that he knew Mike was a fraud — a move that will surely get him disbarred. Luckily, Louis and Mike talk Harvey out of it and convince him to leave the outcome up to fate.
Broken Dreams

Louis is in agony as he waits to hear whether Tara will forgive him after their recent blow-up, so he relishes the distraction when Donna comes to him with a legal problem involving a patent holder who wants to stop her digital secretary technology from seeing the light of day. Despite Donna’s worries that Louis may lose his cool and go all, well, Louis, Louis manages to keep his problems with Tara from sinking the ship. But despite his efforts, Louis can find no way around the other company’s claims — the best he can get is a rather generous buyout offer. But Donna doesn’t want the money, she wanted the dream, and she’s only now realizing that she needs something more in her life. Meanwhile, Louis gets a call from Tara, but it’s not the news he wanted, leaving him utterly heartbroken.
Surprise Guest

As Mike prepares to make his final statement, everyone is shocked when Jessica appears at the hearing. Not only does she confess to knowing that Mike was a fraud (taking the heat off Harvey), but she also gives a moving speech that appeals to Anita Gibbs’ sense of compassion. With nothing left to say, the members of PSL retire to Harvey’s office to await the outcome. It isn’t long until they get their answer: he’s in! Mike is going to be a real lawyer!
One More Deal

With the celebration in full swing, Harvey offers Mike a job for the umpteenth time. Mike rebuffs him yet again but they don’t call Harvey the best closer in Manhattan for nothing, and he offers Mike a one for me, one for you deal: for every corporate case they take, they’ll have to take on one of Mike’s bleeding-heart cases. Plus, they’ll help bankroll Nathan’s clinic, and Mike will get to bring on anyone he wants from the clinic. AND he’s going to take over Harvey’s office. With Jessica gone, it’s time that Harvey stepped up and took over her office. And now that Mike is coming home, he finally can.
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Mike needs Harvey and Rachel’s help to overcome an impossible obstacle, or his dream of becoming a real lawyer is over. Donna’s new venture hits a snag. Louis tries to patch things up with Tara.
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Tara questions her future with Louis, knowing that he took his anger out on her. At the clinic, Mike gives Nate their cut of the settlement, smoothing over his request for a few days off, but renewing Oliver’s mistrust of his intentions. When Mike comes clean, Nate opts to fire him for his shady deals, but Oliver defends him. Mike tells Harvey he still doesn’t want to work at Pearson Specter Litt when he becomes a lawyer, but discussion is curtailed when Anita Gibbs takes a seat on the board for Mike’s hearing. Donna brings Louis a patent negotiation that turns into a lawsuit against Donna’s new business. She confides to Harvey that she wants more than money, but doesn’t know what that means yet.

Mike enlists Julius, his prison counselor, to speak as his character witness; Harvey tries to remove Anita Gibbs, who offers him the endorsement Mike needs in return for Harvey’s getting disbarred. However, Mike doesn’t trust her and accepts his fate. Jessica appears at the hearing and reminds Gibbs of a time she showed mercy. Mike is accepted. Tara breaks up with Louis. Mike agrees to work for Harvey again in return for maintaining a relationship with the clinic.
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