S06 E15 – Quid Pro Quo

S6 episode 15 Aired on February 22, 2017

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

The price of dreams was on everyone’s mind this week, as Harvey and Mike faced hard choices in the Velocity case, Louis weighed the cost of total honesty in his relationship with Tara, and Donna and Benjamin came face to face with the realities of the business world. Check out our guide to Suits episode 615, “Quid Pro Quo,” for all the details!

Mike Ross Pulls the Plug

Harvey visits Mike with the good news: he’s definitely getting into the bar, but they just need to drop the Velocity suit. Mike would rather give up his shot at becoming a lawyer than hang the miners out to dry, though, and he pulls the plug on their scheme. But Harvey refuses to lose — they can still have both, dammit! — and goes behind Mike’s back with Louis and Rachel to locate the woman who seduced Craig Seidel and blackmail her into giving them dirt they can use against James Palmer. Meanwhile, Palmer uses his influence to give Louis and Harvey no choice but to drop the Velocity case, leaving Mike with no leverage to renegotiate the settlement.

Donna and Benjamin Look for Investors

Donna gives old pal Stu Buzzini the first look at their digital game-changer, but doesn’t like his terms and decides she can do better. (Um, of course she can — she’s Donna!) Benjamin is super-nervous about pitching potential investors, but Donna is super confident. (Again, she’s Donna!) She does her Donna thing and basically kills it, but later overhears the investors saying they would never do business with a career legal secretary and it basically crushes her. Poor Red!

Donna and Mike Live to Fight Another Day

Donna tells Benjamin he’s better off going it alone, but Benjamin won’t hear of it; they’re partners, and they do this together or not at all. Buoyed by Benjamin’s faith, Donna goes back to Stu because, while she didn’t initially love his terms, she realized he was upfront with her and he believed in the product. Meanwhile, Mike is furious that Harvey hung him out to dry with Palmer, and he gets even angrier when he learns that Harvey dragged Rachel into a shady blackmail scheme. But when Mike confronts Rachel, she doesn’t back down; she did it because she knows damn well that Mike couldn’t live with himself if he really gave up on his dream of becoming a lawyer. Mike knows what she’s saying is true, and decides to take Harvey up on his plan.

Louis Litt Takes a Chance

Louis wants to tell Tara the truth (like, the whole truth) about his history with Mike, but his previous experience with Sheila Sazs has him rightfully worried. After asking Rachel’s advice, Louis decides to take a chance and open up to the woman he’s planning to raise a child with. Tara assures Louis that he can tell her anything but the truth shocks her, causing Louis to lose his cool, and Tara winds up leaving. Oh no!

Mike and Harvey See Their Plan Through

Working together again, it doesn’t take Harvey and Mike long to break Palmer down. In the end, Palmer agrees to a $200 million settlement for the miners and also pledges to make good on his original deal with Craig Seidel, leaving the door open for Mike to make sure that Seidel will still get him into the bar. Looks like Mike is getting another shot at his dream.
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When Mike’s class action hits a snag, it might cost him more than the case; Harvey, Louis and Rachel consider getting their hands dirty; and Donna and Benjamin seek an investor.
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Donna takes Benjamin’s “The Donna” to Stu before shopping around to other investors. Mike pulls out of the deal with Seidel to ensure his clients get paid but, with Velocity putting pressure on the firm’s clients, Pearson Specter Litt withdraws from the lawsuit, leaving Mike with no leverage. Rachel and Harvey use Seidel’s situation to find a new opening, but Mike wants nothing to do with Harvey’s less-than-legal methods.

Through Rachel, Mike realizes that he can’t give up being a lawyer, so he and Harvey use evidence of corporate espionage to force Velocity’s CEO into a settlement offer and reopen the deal to get Mike in front of the bar. When Donna and Benjamin meet with investors, she learns that they only respect Harvey’s name, not hers. She decides to take Stu’s offer, because he sees her as an equal. Louis worries about telling Tara that he knew Mike’s secret and used it to demand he become a name partner. Even though Rachel convinces him that telling her is better than her finding out later, Tara gets upset, Louis argues with her, and she walks out.
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