S06 E12 – The Painting

S6 episode 11 Aired on February 1, 2017

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Mike is offered a job at a legal clinic due to his experience and knowledge, and soon learns he will be supervising the legal staff. While his new boss knows the truth about him, he does not tell the rest of the staff. However, Mike decides to tell them in order to gain their trust and prove that he’s not just someone who is “slumming it” because he couldn’t hack it in corporate law. Meanwhile, Donna urges Harvey to go to his father’s funeral, even though it means seeing his estranged mother. Upon learning that his brother Marcus has moved on and allowed their mother back in his life, Harvey tries to forgive Mom while reminiscing about the last time he saw her. Louis takes care of one of Harvey’s clients in his absence, helping to regain his trust. Following a discussion, Louis and Harvey agree to leave the firm’s name as Pearson Specter Litt.
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This week’s episode is all about healing old wounds and making fresh starts. Of course, the big story is Harvey’s attempt to finally reconcile with his mother, but Mike also took his first steps down a new career path and Louis set aside his pride for the good of the firm. Check the big details in our guide to Suits episode 612, “The Painting.”

Mike’s Job Offer

Mike’s fresh start gets a surprise shot in the arm when Nathan (remember him? The guy who ran the legal clinic and sniffed out Mike as a fraud all those years ago?) shows up at his door with a job offer. See, Nathan has been looking for someone to fill a supervisor position, and the fact that Mike was truthful about his criminal history on his application convinced Nathan that he would be worth taking a chance on. That and Nathan will be getting Mike’s considerable legal experience for pennies on the dollar.

Harvey and Lily’s Shaky Past

Donna shows up to Harvey’s apartment to give him the nudge he needs to go see his mom. See, this isn’t the first time Harvey considered burying the hatchet with Lily. Flashback seven years prior to his father’s funeral, and Harvey is moved enough by his mother’s tearful speech to take the first step towards making amends — that is, until Bobby shows up at the wake. Furious at the sight of the man who stabbed his father in the back, Harvey goes on a (very hurtful) tirade and walks out, pretty much slamming the door on his family in the process.

Mike’s Bumpy Start

The good: Mike gets his own office! The bad: He gets some pushback from feisty young law student Marisa when he tries to give her pointers on a case involving a struggling mother with an asthmatic kid whose shady landlord is trying to evict her. Marisa has Mike pegged as the soulless type who’s only slumming it at a legal clinic until he can jump back into a big-money gig at a corporate firm. Mike decides to let everyone in on the truth about his past to show how serious he is about the job, leading Marisa to come around and accept Mike’s help.

Harvey and Lily Reconcile

Harvey extends the olive branch to his mother and Lily eagerly accepts it, but Harvey is thrown when Lily suggests that he may have some apologizing of his own to do. Furious, Harvey storms out on Lily once again, but he’s surprised when his brother Marcus later sides with his mother. While Harvey has stayed away all these years, life has gone on back home –- Lily and Bobby are now grandma and grandpa to Marcus’s kids. They were also the ones that helped hold things together when Marcus got sick again and had to undergo chemotherapy (a fact Harvey wasn’t even aware of). Realizing he needs to let go of the hurt he’s been clinging to, Harvey accepts his mother’s apology AND makes an apology of his own. He doesn’t hate her; he just hates what she did. And while he may never forget it, he’s tired of being angry.

Mike’s Reality Check

Mike and Marisa take their plan to court, with Oliver acting as attorney. But when the savvy opposing counselor counters Oliver’s argument, he freezes up. Unable to interject, Mike sits helplessly as he watches the judge issue a deadline — if Mrs. Price can’t come up with back rent by 10 AM the next day, she’ll be evicted. But Mike doesn’t give up — he brings Mrs. Price a check for the back rent (he says it’s from a special fund, but we know better).

Harvey Moves On (and the Firm Moves Forward)

Harvey returns to New York to find that Louis has handled an issue with one of his clients while he was gone. Touched by the gesture, Harvey asks Louis to be co-interim managing partner, and they even agree not to change the name of the firm (you never know when Jessica may want to return). Then Harvey hangs a picture from his youth (the iconic one of his mother painting the duck) in his office’s place of honor. Things are looking up!
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Harvey tries to repair a broken relationship – leaving Louis, Donna and Rachel to manage PSL in his absence. Meanwhile, Mike gets a helping hand from an unexpected place.
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Season 6 – Episode 12
The Painting
S06 E12
Production Code S612

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