S06 E11 – She’s Gone

S6 episode 11 Aired on January 25, 2017

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Harvey and Donna are in the afterglow of an apparent sexual encounter when Harvey wakes up, revealing it was a dream. Rachel meets with her father, who offers to hire her as an associate after she graduates, but Rachel declines, citing loyalty to Harvey and Louis. Rachel then worries about how her relationship with Mike will affect the ethical conduct evaluation that is required to pass the bar. Mike visits Harvey, and tells him he is refusing the consultant offer at PSL, stating he was serious when he said in court that he wants to do something more noble than corporate law. Mike then applies at some legal clinics, but worries that none will hire him after seeing he has checked the box for being a convicted felon. He visits Father Walker for some soul searching, and the priest offers him a substitute teaching position in the church’s school.

Mike’s first day teaching is a disaster, as his students know about him being in prison. Mike later learns that the teacher he’s subbing for has cancer and isn’t coming back. It doesn’t matter, as one of the students has told his parents about Mike’s past, and the archdiocese has intervened. Mike also finds out that Harvey went to Anita Gibbs to ask her to give Mike a decent review if approached by one of Mike’s potential new employers, which Gibbs refuses to do. Mike angrily confronts Harvey for interfering. At the firm, Robert Zane extends his merger offer to Harvey and Louis, which Louis interprets as Zane questioning their ability to lead without Jessica. Louis conspires to steal Katrina Bennett and ten of Zane’s top associates by demonstrating they will have a much quicker path to a partnership at PSL. Katrina likes the idea, but is taken aback when Louis also tries to poach one of Zane’s top clients. This makes Louis realize he isn’t ready to be managing partner over Harvey. He plans to tell Harvey, but the latter has already been chastised by Zane and he angrily tells Louis there is no way he will be managing partner.

After Louis gets over the shock, Gretchen consoles him and reminds him there is someone else who has been loyal to him all along. Louis then offers Rachel a 2nd Year Associate position upon her graduation, which Rachel accepts. Meanwhile, Donna tries to calm down Harvey, who tells her that losing Jessica and Mike means his family is falling apart. Donna reminds Harvey that he has unfinished business with his real family.
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Misunderstanding is the order of the day as Louis mistakes a friendly gesture as an act of war, while Harvey’s efforts to help Mike only cause trouble. Elsewhere, Mike’s post-prison life gets off to a rocky start while Rachel has a big choice to make regarding her future. For all the details, check out our guide to Suits episode 611, “She’s Gone.”

Emotional Baggage

Jessica’s departure has Harvey’s emotional issues percolating again, leading him to lash out at Mike when he tells Harvey he won’t be taking the consultant position. Donna convinces Harvey that Mike isn’t being disloyal, just trying to make a fresh start after prison. Harvey comes around, but his attempts to help Mike wind up doing more harm then good, putting Mike on Anita Gibbs’s radar once again. Meanwhile, Louis is feeling like he has something to prove, and when Robert Zane drops by with a merger offer, Louis misconstrues Zane’s friendly gesture as a knock against his own fitness to be managing partner. Louis soon goes on the offensive to prove his mettle, convincing his old protégé Katrina Bennett to defect from Zane’s firm and bring 10 of his top associates with her.

Mike’s Fresh Start Starts To Go Stale

After dropping off his resume at legal clinics all over town, it becomes clear (at least to Mike) that no one is willing to take a chance on an ex-convict. Searching for guidance, Mike turns to Father Walker, who offers him a teaching job. Could the classroom be Mike’s true calling? We’ll never know, as Mike’s tenure is cut short after the second day when a student’s parents react poorly to an ex-con teaching class (and just as Mike was starting to earn the kids’ respect). Worse, Mike gets a visit from Anita Gibbs, who tells him she’ll do everything in her power to stop him from getting a job in the legal field. Tough showing, Mike!

Rachel’s Big Decision

Robert Zane surprises his daughter with an unexpected visit and an offer: he wants her to come work for him when she finishes law school, if for no other reason than it will give her a better chance of passing the character and fitness portion of the Bar. Rachel reminds him of her loyalty to PSL (her “work family”), but her father’s words stick with her. It’s only when Louis formally makes his own job offer to Rachel that she makes her decision — she’s sticking with her work family.

Louis’s Reach Exceeds His Grasp

Louis’s power play is going swimmingly but he soon overreaches by going after Zane’s biggest client, causing Katrina to balk. It turns out that Zane had waived her non-compete clause; he really was trying to help the firm. Louis realizes that he’s not managing partner material, and decides to let Harvey know before he does any more damage.

Who Will Lead?

When Robert Zane angrily fills him in on what Louis has been up, Harvey realizes that he needs to step up and take the reins of the firm. Harvey plans to let Louis down gently, but when he’s angrily attacked by Mike for interfering in his life it puts Harvey on tilt and he delivers Louis an epic tongue-lashing (and poor Louis was just about to tell Harvey that he should be managing partner). Donna realizes that Harvey needs to sort out his emotional issues if the firm is going to have a chance, and that means that Harvey is finally going to have to make amends with his mother — gulp!
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Harvey, Louis and Donna plan for a future without Jessica; Mike adjusts to life as an ex-convict; Rachel considers her options.
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Season 6 – Episode 11
She’s Gone
S06 E11
Production Code S611

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